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Weekly Lawn Maintenance:
Lawn areas will be cut weekly at a healthy, uniform height of 2" to 3.5". Grass around buildings, trees, planting beds and other objects will be trimmed, and concrete drives, curbs, walks and patios will be edged every other week. Any excess grass clippings will be blown off drives, walks, lawn areas, and out of planting beds as well.

Spring/Fall Clean Ups:
Our spring clean-up service gives our Customer's sites that much needed touch up following the winter months. While we are on the property we will remove leaves and winter debris from lawn and planting bed areas. Concrete walks, drives and patios, In many cases shredded bark mulch is installed after clean up upon customer request.

Our fall clean-up service includes the removal of leaves, sticks and other debris from all lawn and planting bed areas. We start clean ups between October-November , We will return multiple times thru the fall to remove the leafs,and not to worry we take the leafs with us!

Snow Plowing & Services:

Parking lot Plowing: We make sure all routes have no more than 6 hours of commercial  plowing for each truck to insure your lot is completed by 6:00 A.M., Commercial Property's our are first priority. 

Residential Plowing: Residential will be plowed at 2" or 3", What ever the customer preference's. Even though commercial is our first priority, Residential will still be completed by 8:00 A.M. (Depending on the time of the Snow Fall).

Salt Service: Even though the parking lot was plowed, doesn't insure there wont be any slip n' falls, so we provide salt service for any commercial property's that would like it, we also provide salt for residential. We also provide salt for your walk ways after being cleared off.

Side Walk Clearing: We also Will Shovel all side walks that the customer wants to be cleared to make more efficient walking for the people that are going into the business.  Residential have the option to get side walks and in front of garage doors clear out.

Brush Hogging & Land Clearing:

From 1 acre to 100, field grass to wooded lots, light cutting to total land clearing. We aim to provide excellent service at an affordable rate to manage any size project. Capabilities from overgrown weeds to 7-10 inch trees. Most jobs vary in cost so a free estimate will be provided based on job scope.


We offer a lot of different landscaping services, we can do hardscaping, patios, retaining walls(brick or lumber). We can also keep in simple with just a tear out of old over grown plants and install new and fresh mulch or stone and make your property look like new again. Give us a call and we can make your dream a reality .